Testimonials- My Clients Speak

From Harry Drew, Historian, Film Maker, Producer,
Former Museum Director

Dr. Joan Hangarter is a true Visionary with a track record that is astounding
and is an extraordinary spiritual counselor who lifts people up from the
Low-Ebb of life to some of the most heart warming success stories anyone
could ever hope to have happen.
Joan is a lightning fast Study who gets to the root nature of what drives a
company, or start up business and she really stands
out with results accomplished from her long experience as a business
woman and consultant. But there’s no stopping right there, because she is
also an author and motivational speaker, a gifted healer.
Expertise always comes at some form of cost that often includes a wealth of
experience learned from hard knocks and hard work. There’s are no
exceptions to this, other than by degree, so Joan went through a
time of severe strife and personally met the challenge head-on
overcoming devastating adversity to rise above it with such great success
she felt bound to share her special angelic gifts and well honed abilities
with other people!
I see Joan’s perceptive and intuitive skills reach out to others who seek and
need her help, and through her, people find answers and solutions so they
have hope and can make the right choices to regain control of their
own lives. Joan’s work is remarkable and helps everyone this way!
These are just a few examples of the many reasons why Dr. Joan
Hangarter has earned worldwide respect, recognition and gratitude for
truly being a “Miracle Worker!”
Harry J. Drew, Author Historian – Speaker Producer/Documentarian

From Kathryn Keats “After the Silence”
Featured in Readers Digest March 2007

“When I was struggling with the decision to share my true identity with the
world, it was Dr. Joan who had me sit down at the piano and begin to sing.
She stayed by my side as I began the difficult step of reclaiming my life and
career. I could not have done it without her unyielding encouragement. Day
by day, as we worked, I began to gather the strength and belief that nothing
is insurmountable. I sang my music for the first time in twenty years on Dr.
Joan’s radio show. The Miracle Makers Club, with Dr. Joan at the helm. Dr.
Joan allowed me the courage to step up, speak out, and take back my life.
After twenty years in literal hiding, Dr. Joan, assisted me in taking my first
step back into my passion, my dream, the very thing that allows me to
speak; music. It was her show and her books that gave me the strength to
unveil my true identity and reclaim my life. Thank you Dr. Joan and The
Miracle Makers Club. I am forever grateful.”
Kathryn Keats
“After the Silence”
Featured in Readers Digest March

From Faith Rumm, Owner of Rumm Studios

“With just a little bit of information Joan has these astounding flashes of
insight that can zero in on an issue at hand and offer a surprising and
enlightening perspective. Time and again she has helped me pay attention to
my instincts, and find the real reasons behind my gut feelings. This is such an
amazing gift – I have never met anyone like her. Thank you Joan!!!”
Faith Rumm, Rumm Studios

From Peter Arnold, CLU, CFC
Business Achievers Academy

A BEAUTIFUL, Inspiring Book!

I have read many lovely books over the years, but this one ‘touched’ me
As a Financial Advisor, Business Consultant and Coach, I see so many
situations with clients and associates where – overwhelming stresses –
struggles – hardships – even despair -can cross their paths unexpectedly. It
happens in their jobs, businesses and professions – it happens in their
personal lives. Yes, LIFE happens, and it takes its victims.
That is when a MIRACLE would be the answer to their (our) prayers, even
a small Miracle.
Most people do ‘not’ believe in Miracles. Most people are too skeptical for
that – and that is a tragedy.
Dr. JOAN HANGARTER, D.C, M.S. – is “living proof” that Miracles DO indeed
happen. This has happened – B-I-G time – in her own personal /
professional life. Her story is so very inspiring for ALL of us.
This book should be “required reading” for ALL of us who need to take a
“second look” at this phenomenon called MIRACLES.
Also, we need to visit her Website, at MiracleMakersClub.com and
http://www.makeyourownmiracle.com- it’s filled with helpful information,
resources and support.
I absolutely give this book a 5-Star rating!”
Peter Arnold, CLU, CFC / Founder
Business Achievers Academy / Canada

From Linda

“I very much enjoyed my session with Dr. Joan; of course, she is extremely
intuitive and insightful, and I felt held and honored in the session. I
definitely received some information I could use!” Linda

From Susan

” I am so grateful to have met Joan. She is intuitive, insightful,
and knew exactly what tools I needed to travel down the
most positive path possible. Everything she told me has worked for
me and I continue following the plan she gave me to move
forward with my life. I feel positive and each day has become a gift. Joan is
an amazing women.” Susan

From Julia

“The reading with you is still having its positive repercussions. I believe
this month I will have been able to pay all my bills, for the first time in
over a year. Thanks so much. I do want another reading soon, perhaps this
week, but I need a little more income first. I’ll let you know soon. Like I
said, it really was the best reading I’ve had yet. Not one single reading of
any sort during the last thirty five years actually did improve things for
me.” Julia Shepherd

From Laurie

“Last night was a treat. In one hour you helped me see so much including
the vulnerability I feel but haven’t been able to name or understand
before. Instead I have tended to beat myself up about why haven’t I done
this? Why do I feel this? I will be focusing on what you helped me see & try
to listen to myself more. Thank you so much.” Laurie

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