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Portrait of Joan the Angel Goddess

In the beginning
She merely caressed a painting
Of women playing lutes.
These paintings hung in a chapel
Painted by another gifted artiste



On the Day of Judgement

Better celebrate on a day of birth
A day of death would not suffice.
As my breath catches in my chest,
Death not so perverse
As a summer wind
Blowing in from the south.

Try wearing a wisdom’s dunce cap
Inside out. Why heed the voice
Of the adulterous honey bee
And courtesans who prop
Up souls of wrong-doers?

If your intent to extinguish
The flowers of youth, remember
Petals already beggared
By a wayward thirst for life
Cannot incur further disfavor.
Don’t bother arguing
About merits of this case,
A court of law is as chaste
As a lover in an ale-house.

Consider impoverished seers
First among those who steady
The hands of palsied truth.
Don’t look back upon deeds
And those who commit misdeeds.

Shake the dust from your feet.
If an adulterous man
Finds union with god,
Far too late for him
To tout his deeds
Lending credence
To his golden chalice
Of choice.

For ill will cannot counteract
Pock-marked saplings growing
Tilted towards the ground,
Stunted within a counterfeit track
Of what use is a good heart
Beating before a stranger’s
Unruly spate of curses?

Lending an ear to a Lydian air
Might appear beguiling to a crowd
If, in the beginning, marrow and meat
Of an imposter’s dream too costly and too dear,
How can it appear pleasing to some
Must we defer to a mask of solitude
To disinter burial’s gain of intelligence?

What of wisdom’s comely serenade?
After renewing their proper worth,
When mandolin strings played before
A sullen sultan’s harem, how slight
The efforts of a talent. Distrusting poverty’s
Cross-eyed ignominy, what of the beloved?
Allowing for life’s share of liars, seers,
And prophets, if a perverse character
Already declared perverse, what harm?
Why lavish praise on everyone else?
Exiled, an actor reflects the slights
Of a mirror’s lightning flash.

Out of sorts, a sway-backed horse
Always a sway-backed creature!
A fakir carousing with jealous women
Playing imperious flutes and mandolins
Only makes things worse.

As snakes dance a roundelay
In a gorgon’s noose, knotted and tied,
Whoever clutching at straws in perfidious ways,
Better seen praising sadness than reveling
In times of distress, dark promises of wealth.
Tricksters, rabble-grousers seeking approval,
Did you ever reflect on what you were doing,
Instead of reviewing the stations of the cross?

Perhaps those imagining laughter
Convivial enough, though when convened
In a tapestry threaded through with gossiping birds,
They dare imprison churlish vagabonds, bold of tongue.
If bronze tarnishes unleashing blemish of liars,
Those who live up to the height of their powers,
How can they look the other way?


Elizabeth Martina Bishop, Ph.D


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Thank you for your courage


     (c) 2016 Joan of Angels  Sanctuary; 20 x 20 Multi-Media Art

We from the other kingdoms stand in awe of humanity; what courage it takes to live in your three dimensional world, and to see and hear only what is in front of you.

Every so often, one of you awakens, and begins to hear another songs, a deeper one, within the heart. And a voice within begins to speak with words of compassion, words of love, reminding you, you are not alone.

This is the world in between, the other dimensions, and from there, we reach in, find a way to bring our higher dimensional energies, our love and compassion frequency, to our beloved humanity. We bring the messages in many ways.

These images are from the heart. They reveal the in between world, the inter dimensional space and heart of compassion from which all was birthed.

When you gaze into these images, let them capture your heart and hear their song. They will speak with a whisper in your ear, or a knowingness in your heart, or a vision that seems just too luscious to be true.

This is the sound of angels speaking directly to you.

The images have been infused with galactic, angelic, and ascended master frequencies. These beings create portals within each frequency, allowing you to step in, to hear and feel the higher celestial frequencies..


The Earth Messengers are beings that come from the divine to assist in raising the frequency of planet earth. They do that by holding a very high consciousness that literally raises the energetic field around them.

The paintings are tools, portals, allowing you to receive confirmation, guidance, and affirmation as to your purpose, mission and destiny.

Each painting holds the frequency of the angelics, ancestors, guides or galactics holding an energetic representation of alternative realities and destinies.

I begin the process by meditating deeply and asking which energies are coming through me, whether it be creating another portal or temple, or a new angelic being. Just this week a new series is emerging complete with its own temple, and two angels, older and wiser, telling me they are from the Blue Star, they are the Blue Star Angels. Their energy is peaceful, joyful, and they have these most beautiful wands. They want to be your Fairy Godmother. Ask and ye shall receive.

The Messengers have shared they are pleased I act as a conduit with my brush in hand.

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Join me Sunday July 5th To Taste The Power of Personal Transformation

June 28, 2009 3 comments

July 5, 10 am:  “Our Role in Getting Beyond the Cultural Crisis”Dr. Joan Hangarter with Joan Nelson, Worship Associate

Who will move humanity beyond the world crisis? You guessed it: Us!  Where do we begin? You guessed it: Here and now with personal transformation. “Dr. Joan,” who lost everything and found her true self, will give us a taste of the power of personal transformation.




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Intuition – How to Listen

The most frequent question I receive is about listening to your own intuition. How do you know the feelings you have are your intuition or your mind chatter. The intuitive mind is elusive. There’s a fine line at times and what you are being shown may not even make sense. Or maybe it does but you don’t want to listen.

We are taught from childhood not to listen to our own inner voice, to literally ignore our own truth.

So lets see if I can clarify for you how to know its your intuition, and that this is the answer for your question. Or this is the right thing for you to do.

Does It Make My Heart Sing?

One clue is how this intuit makes you feel. If its truly right for you, you might have a feeling of this makes my heart sing, this feels good, very, very good. I remember choosing a pre-school for my children. I went to two schools, and left feeling heavy, what I described at the time was a thud. And then I went into Brightstar Montessori. From the moment I stepped through the doors, I literally felt my heart move, shift, feeling free. That’s how I chose the school, it felt intuitively right.

Intuition is often accompanied by little signs, that indicate a synchronistic pattern is at work. For example, you are driving in your car, and have a new brilliant idea for making money. Suddenly you glance at the clock on your dashboard and its 1:11 or 2:22, or any combination of triple numbers. Think of that as a message from your guides, a confirmation. Or you look down on the street and there’s a penny or a quarter. Pick it up; put it in your shoe, it’s another type of confirmation. Or your skin tingles all over.

Intuition is a special gift you have been given, its access to a higher vibration, thinking outside the box, new ideas, and a special alignment with your true purpose. Intuition can save your life, when the hairs on your skin stand up and you know you need to pay attention in this current moment. Your intuition can help you land that big job you want, just by having you send the email at just the right moment to make a difference. That’s what happened in 2001 when my email crossed the desk of the editor at the San Francisco Examiner, just when he was browsing through it. He told me the odds of his opening my email were a million to one, but you know what, he did see that email, and he went on to publish my article on the front page. 

So here’ a good idea. Next time you find yourself saying to yourself I should have listened to myself. I knew what to do. I just ignored my intuition, try something different. Stop, pay attention, and follow the guidance!

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Uncertainty and fear, tips to get a grip!

June 23, 2009 3 comments


If you are suffering from increased anxiety and stress, move over. You are not alone. Statistics are showing that almost 85 % of Americans are feeling anxious. It should not come as a surprise that sales of anti-depressants are up.


That’s the bad news. None of us has the power to personally change the scenario in the world of financial disasters, swine flu, or nuclear war (although we can shift the energies and transform them). Those elements are going to be there no matter what you do.


So what can you do besides popping Valium or scotch to get a handle on your nerves? Well, you can follow one or two simple rules that I like to use when the going gets tough. You see, unless you change how you see the world and your place within, you will be at effect of the economy and the crisis. It would be better to change your perspective, instead of fighting it, align with it.


Look at it this way. Just suppose you were born to be a part of this crisis, and to be a part of the solution as well. For what reason would you have been placed here, what kind of role would you play? For example, one of my clients, a mousy brunette, realized she was here to serve as an icon of freedom, almost like being the statue of liberty, bringing freedom to her clients. Another client, struggling in this economy to find clients, realized that she had lost her vision. Once she regained her clarity, she could now help her clients regain their visions, and in the process, business doubled overnight.

So today instead of reacting to the events in the news, take charge of yourself. Ask yourself what gifts and services are yours, that could help others during these troubled times. If you were indeed put here for a purpose, a mission, what exactly is it. That’s the first step to getting a grip in today’s world. Clients call me when they can’t figure it out and need help in defining and actualizing their mission.

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Magic, Miracles and The Law of Attraction

April 28, 2009 9 comments

Magic; we all want to believe that magic exists and that miracles are possible as well. We want to believe. Remember that.

Because you have been lied to. You have been taught that reality is what you can see, touch, and feel. You have been carefully instructed that life is hard, a struggle, limited, and achieving visions is impossible. Because of this belief system, you are caught up in a life that becomes limiting, challenging, chaotic, or just plain hard. You forget you have inside of you, the gene, the cell, the creator of unlimited potential. You have the possibility of living a prosperous, enriching, loving and fulfilling life, a dream come true, a major transformational miracle.

Does this make sense to you?

Here is how it works. Thoughts create belief. Belief molds reality because your beliefs shape your thoughts and what you think about your life is the life you are living in the now. Thus the life you are now living is the only one you believe you can.

How does this help. Change your belief. Instead of reaffirming limits, state the opposite. I can do this, instead of I can’t. I found it helped to act as if I really did have a vision. I said to myself, suppose this is true, that my thoughts create my reality. Why don’t I try thinking that my vision of healing and inspiring millions of people was real. Why don’t I just pretend that I already am the author of an Amazon best seller, a regular guest on Oprah, and the host of my own TV show, Make Your Miracle Today?

Do you understand the simplicity of this? Imagine the opposite of what you have been telling yourself about why you can’t do it, and just find ways to make it happen. That gene inside you is in fact a miracle genie. You can rub it and make magical wishes. I wish I was courageous enough to pursue a career as a chef. I wish I could follow my dream and travel and make money. Don’t say I can’t do this. Instead, tell yourself the following:
• There is a purpose or a mission I am to fulfill.
• Perhaps this dream or recurring idea is part of this vision, a quest I need to fulfill.
• If this were true that I am supposed to do this, then what do I need to do or be or have for this to happen.

Such a complex yet simple system. It works. Change your thinking. Rub your Miracle Genie, wake up your Miracle Muscle and get to work. What is it you have always wished you had the guts or courage to do or be or live? That is your passion. That dream is usually the roots of your vision. You see miracles and magic have been surrounding and touching you for years. You just didn’t listen, you did not hear because you were so busy tuning out the messenger.

Dr Joan Hangarter, DC, MS, is an Intuitive Consultant working with business and personal clients, as well as an author, speaker, trainer, and talk show host! Her mission-to heal and inspire people just like you to step into their power. Email her at

Raise Your Ability To Attract What You Desire

April 21, 2009 1 comment

Science has discovered that there is an electromagnetic energy field around each of us. In effect, you resonate at a certain energy level. The rate of impulses, or how fast this energy rotates, determines your energy field, which then afects your emotional state. Your emotional state determines what you attract into your personal field.

The higher your vibratory rate, the more positive your energy that you reflect, and the more the universe will send you back exactly what you are reflecting. So as you raise your vibration, your frequency launches you onto what I like to call is The Miracle Wave. Basically, that’s what being in The Zone feel like.

 Vibrations are usually experienced tangibly. Think about people you know who are depressing or challenging to be around. What type of energy is reflected from them? Do you feel good or are you drained at the end of the meeting? Do you think their vibration is high or low? Now think about someone who is excited about their life and achieving their goals. What type of energy are they manifesting? How do you feel around them? Happy people are contagious and make you feel good; unhappy people bring you down, especially when you are in their energy field.

There are many ways to measure your vibration. Imagine an antenna radiating from the top of your head upward towards the heavens. This antenna heightens your connection between you and your higher self to raise your vibration. Affirm daily –“ I am a magnet for money. I attract large streams of money, flowing over me. I am a money magnet.”

Try using Shower Power. Stand under the water and visualize your negative thoughts, emotions and energies being washed away. Then imagine the water is a pitcher of unlimited golden fluid that pours from the crown of your head through you and around you like fairy dust filling you with the energy to attract your dreams and goals. See yourself living the life you are creating for yourself. Then visualize your day. Imagine living the life of your dreams, then flash to the life you are in…keep seeing the life you are in getting smaller and smaller as you superimpose the life you are creating.

Now look at today. Ask yourself what you can do today to bring you closer to manifesting your new life.


Dr Joan Hangarter, DC, MS

Dr Joan’s career as an Intuitive Consultant began in the early 1980’s as she worked with chiropractic patients and energy healing. She had a unique ability to pinpoint emotional challenges and correlate them with physical symptoms.  In 1998, Dr Joan injured herself, went into a tailspin and lost everything. From that moment on, she applied her abilities to “intuiting her new life.” She took those techniques and put them in a book, The Miracle Makers Club-Live The Prosperous and Soul-filled Life That You Deserve Today.  Today she does Intuition Workshops, and consults with clients throughout the world.

Learning how to trust your intuition, recognizing your gut feelings, and choosing to act upon them, are critical steps to regain control. Dr Joan doesn’t guarantee her results, but her clients are finding that they have new insight, increased satisfaction, and are achieving their career goals, despite the economic hard times. Find out more by calling her at 415-883-0810 or email at

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