SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT- Business and Personal Intuitive Services – get the added advantage of using intuitive knowing to get extraordinary results

all contact information has changed; go to to find out more and to book an appointment

415 -717-1385


Intuitive Consultant

When you need help with

  • Decisions, challenges, transitions
  • Wanting more from your personal or professional life
  • Re-awaken your passion and focus
  • Accurate insights into personal and business goals
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • A sense of purpose and mission
  • Launch your life’s work
  • Improved relationships and joy
  • Achieve your goals and visions


When you need help to

  • Manage Difficult Economic Times
  • Gain the competitive edge
  • Reposition your business
  • Developing new markets
  • Making key business decisions
  • Motivating employees and team Building
  • New sales, new customers, new strategies
  • Hiring and firing decisions TO LEARN MORE Call Dr Joan 415-883-0810 to set up your consultation. Fees for personal and business consultations are different.  She’ll let you know how she can help you and/or your company. She’ll give you suggestions as to the best way to work together, including:
  • In person or phone consultations
  • A meeting or series of meetings in your office
  • A meeting or several with your team
  • Half day, full day, ongoing training for your staff

Not ready for a consultation? Take advantage of our books, CD’s and Digital Audio’s to get you started. Go to:

  1. December 2, 2012 at 3:06 am

    Okay? This looks great! and congratulations on the Novato award. Just popped up on my radar this evening. How are you? Would you please email me at – hope this finds you and that you will connect. 514.924.7673 perhaps we can trade some hologram for some reading? or chat? I have resettled, near Vermont, very happy. How how are you? I will be in CA, probably way south of you, but thinking of you today. xo Susan

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