Thank you for your courage


     (c) 2016 Joan of Angels  Sanctuary; 20 x 20 Multi-Media Art

We from the other kingdoms stand in awe of humanity; what courage it takes to live in your three dimensional world, and to see and hear only what is in front of you.

Every so often, one of you awakens, and begins to hear another songs, a deeper one, within the heart. And a voice within begins to speak with words of compassion, words of love, reminding you, you are not alone.

This is the world in between, the other dimensions, and from there, we reach in, find a way to bring our higher dimensional energies, our love and compassion frequency, to our beloved humanity. We bring the messages in many ways.

These images are from the heart. They reveal the in between world, the inter dimensional space and heart of compassion from which all was birthed.

When you gaze into these images, let them capture your heart and hear their song. They will speak with a whisper in your ear, or a knowingness in your heart, or a vision that seems just too luscious to be true.

This is the sound of angels speaking directly to you.

The images have been infused with galactic, angelic, and ascended master frequencies. These beings create portals within each frequency, allowing you to step in, to hear and feel the higher celestial frequencies..


The Earth Messengers are beings that come from the divine to assist in raising the frequency of planet earth. They do that by holding a very high consciousness that literally raises the energetic field around them.

The paintings are tools, portals, allowing you to receive confirmation, guidance, and affirmation as to your purpose, mission and destiny.

Each painting holds the frequency of the angelics, ancestors, guides or galactics holding an energetic representation of alternative realities and destinies.

I begin the process by meditating deeply and asking which energies are coming through me, whether it be creating another portal or temple, or a new angelic being. Just this week a new series is emerging complete with its own temple, and two angels, older and wiser, telling me they are from the Blue Star, they are the Blue Star Angels. Their energy is peaceful, joyful, and they have these most beautiful wands. They want to be your Fairy Godmother. Ask and ye shall receive.

The Messengers have shared they are pleased I act as a conduit with my brush in hand.

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