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Live from the Conscious Life Expo

Greetings from Dr Joan, updating you live from the Conscious Life Expo.

Awaken Your Miracle Mind and Call Forth Your Destiny

Create an energetic frequency that will magnetize and strengthen your ability to attract what you want and step into the destiny intended for this life. Using tools designed to turn on your Miracle Mind you will learn powerful steps to attract personal miracles and enable those around you to launch their miracles as well.

These transformational keys are designed to awaken your memories, and assist you in stepping into your personal power, handling the transformational frequencies of 2012 and beyond, and becoming a true magnet for miracles. As you awaken you to your purpose and vision, we will utilize powerful tools to release anything that stands in your way, and as a group will create an energetic vibratory grid that will send out a frequency of healing and connection throughout the



My clients speak:

“Dr Joan is an amazing Miracle Maker who teaches others how to attract miracles in their lives. Her positive energy is contagious and I’ve been manifesting miracles ever since I met her.”  Laurie, Novato, CA

“Dr Joan has unleashed in me the desire to be a better person, have larger goals, and most importantly, define my goals and dreams.” Sarah, Novato, CA

“Amazing, infectious, life changing- totally transforming. I can now channel positive energy to help empower and inspire others.” Dana, Novato CA


Dr Joan Hangarter, DC, MS is a visionary, mystic, psychic intuitive consultant, healer, author, speaker, and Chiropractor, who has dedicated her life to learning the art of manifesting miracles and living your dreams. She is renowned as a healer and an intuitive consultant, and has helped people throughout the world clarify their purpose. When you work with Dr. Joan, you will find that your visions clear, obstacles dissolve, you will have renewed courage and optimism to hear your callings and, you will find out what your guides and angels want you to know now. Visit her at www.joanhangarter.com and www.makeyourownmiracle.com


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