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Last year I found myself wondering “What happened to the life I envisioned for myself? How had it slipped past me, that I no longer followed my passion: writing, speaking, doing readings, healing and inspiring those around me?” Instead, I was riddled with fears about the future of my community, my family, my world, and myself. The future no longer seemed bright. I saw only the grim reminders things were going down hill.

Forgotten were the countless miracles I had experienced in my life. My past successes had been shaped by miracles, as if the angels themselves watched over me and had led me through perils to safety. Time and time again I learned to pay heed to the voices in my mind that allowed me to take the right path, to open the door to my destiny and step through. Now Light seemed to be giving ground to darkness.

This journey has seen me create a successful and dynamic chiropractic practice, rewardingly gifted with devoted patients. I then suffered an injury that left me unable to practice. I lost everything. I was destitute – a poor and starving mother with two young kids. The recovery process led my children and I to form a rather remarkable group dedicated to rebuilding our life. We called ourselves the Miracle Makers Club.

I devoted myself to understanding miracles. Are they possible for everyone? If so, are they possible for me? Is there some secret involved in living a miraculous life? What did I need to do to activate these miracles? Does everyone have a “Miracle Muscle”, ready to be roused or stimulated into high gear?

Maybe I was just living in a fantasy world – a place where I could achieve my goals and live my dreams. I turned inside to hear the messages that helped guide me to the steps to launch and empower myself through these miracles. I discovered a passion and focus, determined to achieve this knowledge and while I knew with soul-certainty that I was on the right path, the key to creating a life of miracles yet eluded me.

Just when I feared there would be no way back, I had what I call a trio of miracles – three rather profound events that renewed my faith. One day my colleague Denise told me to expect a miracle within the next 24 hours. She wouldn’t tell me what she had seen clairvoyantly. She would only say that something amazing was going to happen and I would then know the truth of miracles.

I spent the entire evening and most of the next day expecting a major miracle. Nothing happened. Later in the afternoon, during a heavy Northern California rain storm, I drove my son to his basketball game in Santa Rosa. I was unfamiliar with the area and was driving my daughter’s small Honda Civic. After the game my son left with his Dad and I was alone as I drove from the parking lot. With almost no visibility due to the torrential downpour, I made a few wrong turns and found myself lost on dark flooded roads with nothing identifiable around me – virtually nowhere.

While trying to retrace my route I made a U-turn which proved disastrous. I landed in a rather steep ditch on the opposite side of the flooded country road. The front end of my car was at a steep downward angle off the road and there was no way I could back up. I could not raise a signal on my cell phone (did you have GPS? no signal or no GPS should mention here)
I was sitting there and thinking “What kind of miracle is this? I was supposed to experience a miracle! And that’s when I had one of those ‘Ah-Ha!’ moments. I realized that if I just relaxed I would find the miracle in this. I needed to believe there was a miracle in this disaster and it did seem as though landing in a ditch, alone in an unfamiliar area with no probable means of rescue would be the perfect opportunity to experience one.

I decided that no matter how seemingly ridiculous this might be, I would have every expectation that the situation would turn out in the right and proper manner. Out loud, I stated “I need a major miracle, right now, please” and I let my worries go, knowing that a miracle was on its way.

Almost instantaneously, a pick up truck pulled up across from me. A tall guy with a baseball cap and a cigarette hanging from his mouth stepped out into the dark and rainy night. Here I was, alone on a country road in the middle of nowhere and, God only knows, he could have been the devil himself! I had a momentary flash of doubt, which I quickly dispelled, for I was committed to a positive outcome. Then the door on the passenger side of the truck opened, and his wife stepped out to give a hand.

Within five minutes they had stopped a group of cars and gathered several men. They easily lifted up that tiny Honda Civic, got it back on the road, turned around, and me back on the freeway as easy as apple pie.

Sure was a miracle in my book!

Event number two: Several weeks later, I drove north to Petaluma to have lunch with a friend. We spent some time wandering about the senior center where she taught an art class. I was introduced me to the caretaker who happened to be present although he was rarely there. After our visit my friend left and I returned to my car, only to find the battery dead.

Alone in a rather questionable neighborhood, with a dead battery, did not give me a warm, fuzzy feeling. So, once again, I humbly asked for a miracle, determined to somehow get my car working safely.

I looked up, and there was the caretaker, offering to help. He told me that he suddenly had a strange feeling that he needed to go outside to the street. That’s when he saw me having car trouble. It didn’t take long to hook up cables, jump start the car, and send me on my way.

Event number three: Several months later I was with a small group of dowsers investigating energies at vortexes and rock formations at the top of a rather hilly mountainous area at Point Reyes, California. . We returned to the parking lot and everyone left immediately. I was the last to leave, with two passengers in my car. Much to my dismay, the battery had died (again!). I turned the key once, and, except for the feeble sound of the engine trying to turn over with no battery to spark the plugs, nothing happened. I tried a second time, beginning to feel a bit nervous. No other cars around, no device to jump start and no working cell phones in the middle of the mountainous area. Once again, I knew we needed a miracle.

So before I tried the key again I humbly asked my angels again for a miracle – I asked for the car to start right now. And lo’ and behold, as I turned the key with an air of expectation and hope, the battery engaged and engine turned over!

Three car miracles within the year, all with common themes. Now you may be thinking – “She just needs AAA and a decent cell phone provider!” No….I needed miracles; I believed miracles were possible for me, and that they were available to me. Just like they are possible and available for you.

So get to work! Raise your expectation levels! Trust, Believe, KNOW that you deserve the positive outcomes that you are working towards! Good things Will happen for you. There is something to be gained from every experience in your life, that can be built upon and used to manifest your dreams. You, too, can learn to awaken the Miracle Muscle that is within you.

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