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Introducing Dr Joan Hangarter, Miracle Expert and Founder of The Miracle Makers Club

Miracles happen with Dr Joan. What if you could achieve your dreams and live a miraculous life?

Introducing Dr Joan Hangarter, DC, MS, Miracle Expert and Founder of The Miracle Makers Club. She is a renowned author, speaker, talk show host and Intuitive Consultant. She has helped thousands of people activate miracles, launch their dreams and achieve their goals.  Her focus is to turn on that power lying within each of us, to manifest our true destiny. Dr Joan’s Miracle insights awaken hope and personal empowerment.

Dr Joan inspires audiences to believe in their dreams, to dare to follow their purpose and listen to their Intuition. Through her books, Intuitive Readings, and lectures, she offers specific steps and techniques to design an owners guide to your life, and help launch personal miracles and transformations. Take a chance, make it happen. Your audience will leave the presentation with renewed passion, purpose and personal power.

Potential Speaker Topics

  1. Three Steps to Activate Your Miracles, Launch Your Vision, and Achieve Your Goals.
  2. Passion, Purpose, Power and Prosperity. The Four P’s To Mastery.
  3. Program Your Mind For Success and Enhance Your Personal Power
  4. Thirty Days to A Miraculous Life

Dr. Joans’ Story

Several years ago, an auto injury prevented her from practicing her profession as a chiropractor; she became a homeless single mother living on food stamps. But she did not give up hope. Instead, with her children, she formed the Miracle Makers Club and rebuilt her life, vowing to inspire others as well. She’s been interviewed by Ed Bradley for 60 Minutes and has been

featured on many other shows, including Dateline, KRON News,,KGO News and Seattle’s popular talk show Northwest Afternoon. In 1999 she founded The Miracle Makers Club as a way to overcome tremendous obstacles, and now shares her inspiration with all of us. In 2002 she won a major lawsuit against her insurance company launching a fifty state investigation into insurance fraud, as well as assisting hundreds of thousands of claimants receive their benefits.

She helps you tap into the potential of your deepest dreams, where you can finally experience the level of success and abundance you were born to achieve.

Dr. Joan knows first-hand the secrets to overcoming tremendous obstacles and challenges.


Joan Hangarter, 415-883-



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