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Do you need a Financial Recovery Plan?

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DId you know that it is possible to overcome   limiting financial beliefs that keep you from having financial abundance. Karen McCall, founder of The Financial Recovery Institute developed tools to master money, handle your resistance to wealth, and create financial abundanceMillions of Americans are facing financial challenges these days and struggling with debt. Most of them don’t budget,and seem to have complicated relationships  with money, developed from childhood. Financial recovery is not just about creating a budget and learning to live within your means. Its about facing your emotional decisions about money, letting go of any blocks that keep you from not just being successful, but being financally secure.


Karen’s work is designed to help you overcome  emotional baggage wreaking havoc with your finances. Face them head on, and make 2010 a financially successful one, by working with Karen.  She is offering a special Holiday Planner, as a gift, to help you create a spending plan for the holidays. In addition, she has designed a year long training program to teach you how to become a Financial REcovery Expert and  help others. According to Karen, Financial Recovery Planners are in demand and its a great way to not just make money, but to help others. Check her out.

You can find her at http://www.financialrecovery.com

Listen to the show at:  http://www.webtalkradio.net/index.php/show-podcasts/146-strive-and-thrive-radio-with-joan-hangarter/4553

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