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Michael Jackson: I’m a magnet for miracles  


l Michael Jackson: I’m a magnet for miracles   By Tom Latchem and James Desborough, 13/09/2009

MYSTERIOUS messages written by Michael Jackson in his final hours – revealed today for the first time – show the singer’s bizarre state of mind before his drug addiction killed him. The News of the World has uncovered a series of “wishes for the world” which were left on the mirror in the tragic star’s cluttered bathroom. On Post-its notes and sheets of paper, they were scribbled as the doomed 50-year-old star tried to focus his mind on the daunting London tour dates ahead through a drug-induced haze. In one the dazed singer even had to remind himself to include one of his BIGGEST HITS in the concerts. Friends believe he was using the messages to gee himself up for rehearsals in the week of his death. One said: “These notes show that Michael was positive until the last – but also what a mess his mind must have been as he fought to keep it all together towards the end.”

NOTE NUMBER ONE: Stuck on the right of his gold-framed mirror with wall-mounted chandeliers either side, it read: “I am so grateful that I am a magnet for miracles.” Pals believe it shows that Jacko was already trying to seek help for his prescription drugs addiction.

The “magnet for miracles” phrase is used in US self-help programmes for recovering alcoholics to give them back self-esteem. US author and talk show host Dr Joan Hangarter – who coined the phrase and wrote a book called The Miracle Makers Club – believes the more you say it to yourself the better your chances of making things go your way.

NOTE NUMBER TWO: Pinned to the bottom of the mirror where Jackson could see it as he made himself up, a message in large handwriting read: “Love, no violence ever!” And underneath, in smaller handwriting, he had added: “Remember a beautiful future promise of tomorrow.” A friend of Jacko told us: “I think this reveals how positive Michael was until the last. He was such a sweet natured man who saw the good in everyone. “The note about a beautiful future is especially sad as it shows how he was looking forward to a successful, happy life.”

NOTE NUMBER THREE: An astonishing reminder is stuck above the “beautiful future” message on a sticky yellow post-it. It reads: “Do We Are The World in show”. That’s – a reference to the smash-hit charity single he recorded with 60-year-old soul legend Lionel Ritchie in 1985.

NOTE NUMBER FOUR: “Call Temperton” is scrawled on a blue Post-it note – referring to British songwriter and producer Rod Temperton, 62, who co-wrote several Jackson songs including Thriller and Rock With You. Also in the bathroom is a business card for his business manager Dr Tohme Tohme to remind him of his phone number. Our source said the last two notes revealed Jackson’s frail state of mind. “It’s worrying that he had to write reminders about things as obvious as these while he was rehearsing for his tour. And he would have had Dr Thome’s number in his phone – so why would he need the card?” said the source. “But the drugs he was taking obviously had a huge impact on his mind and memory.” Near the mirror lay drawings he had been sent by a fan. And to one side was his electric razor, still plugged in, near a vase of white flowers. Post-it notes previously uncovered in his bedroom reflected Jacko’s obsession with children. Stuck to a TV and an ornament by the bed, one read: “Children are sweet.” Another said: “Children are innocent.”

Near the bathroom is the guest bedroom where Jacko’s personal physician Dr Conrad Murray spent up to 25 minutes trying to resuscitate him – first on the bed, then on the rug-covered wooden floor – after the star was taken ill. The revelation of the notes follows our bombshell picture of Jacko on his deathbed at the rented mansion in North Carolwood Drive, Los Angeles. The star was buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California, in an evening funeral for close family on September 3.

And we can reveal that his Neverland ranch is set to be be turned into a Graceland-style memorial to him – even without his body – while the rest of the 2,800 acre grounds are carved up into separate plots to build exclusive new homes. Jacko’s brother Jermaine is determined the plan should go ahead despite resistance from the rest of the family who want to ditch the place that was the scene of Jacko’s child abuse cases. Jermaine also hopes to have an eternal flame burning there – inspired by John F Kennedy’s grave in Arlington Cemetery in Washington. A source close to the Jacksons said: “Jermaine is not giving up on the Neverland idea. It will have to a lot smaller than the original idea of using the whole site for tourists. “At the moment plans are on the table to sell off the ranch in plots, and turn them into a luxury community.” “In the past residents have sneered at a Graceland for Michael as the roads in the area are not equipped to cope with huge traffic loads. But with this plan the roads would be built on the new amended plots, and tourists would be ferried into local towns like Los Olivios and Santa Maria.” Bitter Jermaine has been outspoken about his upset at Michael’s burial in LA – not Neverland. But he still hopes that the King of Pop could be reburied at Neverland one day.

  1. September 13, 2009 at 7:42 pm

    “i think he should have had a miracle reading before it was too late. sometimes we need an onjective Angel like yourself to tell us the straight story and to reset us on our path! xoxo sf” Suzanne Finnamore

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