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Help us Help the daughter of Domestic Abuse Victim Danielle Keller



The Hamilton Café, located in Hamilton Field, Novato, is hosting a benefit on Monday night, July 27th,  for the daughter of  Danielle Keller, a 29 year old woman brutally murdered last week by Jim Mitchell, When Zoran Matulic, owner of the Hamilton Café heard of the support that Claudia Stevens, Danielle’s mother,  had offered invaluable assistance to his ex-wife years ago, he immediately offered to help.
Ten years ago, Zoran’s ex wife, Dr. Joan Hangarter, a successful chiropractor who had been injured and unable to practice, needed help to escape her abusive fiancé. His anger had increased to the point she knew she had to leave or he would kill her. Claudia Stevens, the mother of Danielle, allowed Joan to store whatever possessions she could secretly remove from her home, and encouraged her to gather her strength to leave.
That’s why Joan felt moved to collaborate with her ex-husband, Zoran Matulic, owner of The Hamilton Café. “Claudia had dinner at the café just a few days before the incident. Zoran’s immediate response when I told him I wanted to help Claudia raise funds for Samantha, was to offer to host a benefit for the family.”
Several local artists have offered their participation. Kathryn Keats, noted local domestic abuse survivor, singer and songwriter will join in as well as singer Debra Clawson. Joan Hangarter, local author and founder of the Miracle Makers Club will also be available.

Event- Join us for dinner at the Hamilton Café on Monday evening, July 27th, between 4:30-8:30 PM. Ten percent of the food sales of your dinner will go to the family. Reservations accepted for five or more. The Hamilton Café is located at:
502 South Palm Drive
Hamilton Field, Novato

Donations can be made payable to:
Chase FBO Danielle Keller or Samantha Mitchell and sent to Chase Bank, 1549 Grant Avenue, Novato


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