Raise Your Ability To Attract What You Desire

Science has discovered that there is an electromagnetic energy field around each of us. In effect, you resonate at a certain energy level. The rate of impulses, or how fast this energy rotates, determines your energy field, which then afects your emotional state. Your emotional state determines what you attract into your personal field.

The higher your vibratory rate, the more positive your energy that you reflect, and the more the universe will send you back exactly what you are reflecting. So as you raise your vibration, your frequency launches you onto what I like to call is The Miracle Wave. Basically, that’s what being in The Zone feel like.

 Vibrations are usually experienced tangibly. Think about people you know who are depressing or challenging to be around. What type of energy is reflected from them? Do you feel good or are you drained at the end of the meeting? Do you think their vibration is high or low? Now think about someone who is excited about their life and achieving their goals. What type of energy are they manifesting? How do you feel around them? Happy people are contagious and make you feel good; unhappy people bring you down, especially when you are in their energy field.

There are many ways to measure your vibration. Imagine an antenna radiating from the top of your head upward towards the heavens. This antenna heightens your connection between you and your higher self to raise your vibration. Affirm daily –“ I am a magnet for money. I attract large streams of money, flowing over me. I am a money magnet.”

Try using Shower Power. Stand under the water and visualize your negative thoughts, emotions and energies being washed away. Then imagine the water is a pitcher of unlimited golden fluid that pours from the crown of your head through you and around you like fairy dust filling you with the energy to attract your dreams and goals. See yourself living the life you are creating for yourself. Then visualize your day. Imagine living the life of your dreams, then flash to the life you are in…keep seeing the life you are in getting smaller and smaller as you superimpose the life you are creating.

Now look at today. Ask yourself what you can do today to bring you closer to manifesting your new life.


Dr Joan Hangarter, DC, MS

Dr Joan’s career as an Intuitive Consultant began in the early 1980’s as she worked with chiropractic patients and energy healing. She had a unique ability to pinpoint emotional challenges and correlate them with physical symptoms.  In 1998, Dr Joan injured herself, went into a tailspin and lost everything. From that moment on, she applied her abilities to “intuiting her new life.” She took those techniques and put them in a book, The Miracle Makers Club-Live The Prosperous and Soul-filled Life That You Deserve Today.  Today she does Intuition Workshops, and consults with clients throughout the world.

Learning how to trust your intuition, recognizing your gut feelings, and choosing to act upon them, are critical steps to regain control. Dr Joan doesn’t guarantee her results, but her clients are finding that they have new insight, increased satisfaction, and are achieving their career goals, despite the economic hard times. Find out more by calling her at 415-883-0810 or email at drjoan@miraclemakersclub.com

Check out her website: http://www.makeyourownmiracle.com

Twitter her at http://twitter.com/drjoan




  1. April 24, 2009 at 4:33 pm

    Very good post. I enjoyed very much reading it. Is one of those posts that makes you happy. High vibratory level today!

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