Using Intuition to Solve Today’s Challenging Times

Psychic/Intuitive Consultants-

Using Intuition to Manage Today’s Challenging Times 

Economic news is scaring every one. No one is immune. That’s why I am glad to hear that people are turning to psychics and intuitives to get the answers they need.

These days, people are feeling out of control. The news media is reporting that over 80% of people queried state that this economic uncertainty is impacting them, either directly or someone they know. After all, when you keep your job but your best friends are losing theirs, the sweat starts to pour off. Add to that the billions that have been lost in savings, retirement accounts and housing declines, no one is immune.

People turn to psychics and intutives to get the help they need, when they are feeling financially and emotionally insecure. Clients struggle not only with their relationships, but with their financial situation, and their fears of the future.

Dr Joan Hangarter, DC, MS, founder of The Miracle Makers Club has a solution. She specializes in “Intuitive Readings for business owners and professionals experiencing challenging times.” As Dr Joan puts it, getting clarity about your vision, mission and purpose, helps give you the added information and advice to help you overcome the economic slowdown.

At the top of people’s minds are their personal financial situations. Tough times are impacting everyone. My friend J, a commercial real estate broker, is telling me that finding a buyer for his commercial listings is almost impossible these days. In fact, he offered me $50,000.00 if I can help sell one of his commercial listings, at over 8 million dollars.  With another real estate agent, we spent time reframing the residential  property she was trying to sell, giving it a new spin to appeal to the exact right client.

According to Dr Joan, “People turn to my work when they want to think outside the box and overcome the challenges and obstacles to getting what they want. Fear begets fear and when the culture itself is in fear, stabilizing and having a new strategy is important.” In addition, Dr Joan’s work helps you gain clarity on your business, your vision, your purpose and your passion.

Dr Joan’s Intuition has helped authors, artists, professionals and small business owners create new strategies for success and bring in new clients. Suzanne Finnamore, a local Marin writer, wrote that Dr Joan  “saved my ass! “Another freelance job just dropped into my life. I’d be lost without these miracles! It just can’t be a coincidence that the impossible abundance and positive surprises and actual money started to really flow into my life after my readings.

After Dr Hangarter spent several hours at a restaurant in Costa Rica, re-arranging the floor plan and working with the owners, business tripled and continued on the upward spiral. According to the owner, Dr Joan’s reading seemed to work immediately, and her business grew almost overnight.

Although scientific evidence makes it hard to prove,  ask anyone who uses psychics for guidance. A good psychic gives you additional insight and helps you think outside the box. The results speak for itself.

Dr Joan likes to call her self an Intuitive Consultant, and rarely uses the world psychic to describe her work.  Intuitive Consultants work with businesses and individuals to help make decisions, improve cash flow, find new clients, and gain a greater competitive edge. Professionals such as doctors, dentists, entertainers can benefit as well.

In a time when most hairdressers are losing money, Dr Joan’s client, the Red Union Salon, grew 30 % over a four month period.

Stacy Hewitt, a woman in transition, had this to say. “Dr. Joan is, without a doubt, one of the most gifted I have ever had the pleasure of working with and totally on the phone, I might add.  She has an uncanny ability to hone in on what’s really important with very practical advice and techniques to be used to enhance my transformation.  One thing I particularly appreciate is she is strictly “no bull, not airey-fairey” and works very rapidly as I have a quick, intelligent and well-schooled psyche and frankly don’t have the patience for long-winded advice. “

Dr Joan’s career as an Intuitive Consultant began in the early 1980’s as she worked with chiropractic patients and energy healing. She had a unique ability to pinpoint emotional challenges and correlate them with physical symptoms.  In 1998, Dr Joan injured herself, went into a tailspin and lost everything. From that moment on, she applied her abilities to “intuiting her new life.” She took those techniques and put them in a book, The Miracle Makers Club-Live The Prosperous and Soul-filled Life That You Deserve Today.  Today she does Intuition Workshops, and consults with clients throughout the world.

Learning how to trust your intuition, recognizing your gut feelings, and choosing to act upon them, are critical steps to regain control. Dr Joan doesn’t guarantee her results, but her clients are finding that they have new insight, increased satisfaction, and are achieving their career goals, despite the economic hard times. Find out more by calling her at 415-883-0810 or email at

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  1. April 26, 2009 at 11:24 pm


    We just wanted to say how great it is that you’re showing how psychics can really help people to make their lives better in these difficult times. Our psychics at agree with you whole heartedly that fear does begets fear and we must all not let it drag us down. Congratulations on your success with clients.


    • April 28, 2009 at 2:50 pm

      Love this comment. Thanks so much for stopping by to visit. Let me know how I can support you

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