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Use Your Intuition to Land the Perfect Job

Use Your Intuition to Land the Perfect Job

Lets face it. Landing the perfect job in today’s economic upheaval is going to prove a challenge for many of you. Has nothing to do with you, or your abilities, and everything to do with the job market and the uncertainty of the times. In fact, there may no longer be perfect jobs.

This means, you need to shift your perception a bit, and look at what exactly would be the perfect job or career for you during these times. It’s a different question altogether. In other words, during upheavals, reassessing who you are, what you are here to do, what you need now, alters your priorities.

Changing your perspective will help you look outside the box, unleash your creativity, and open the door to a totally different outcome. Taking that a step further, getting back to basics calls for knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and finding new ways to use your talents and skills.

You can also assume that for every job listed on Monster.com there will be hundreds of responses, and yours is going to have to shine, radiate, give off a feeling or vibration that says Pick me. How are you going to do that unless you develop your intuition, and understand who is your market and what they want.

Everything is undergoing a complete transformation now, including the corporate world. Instead of trying to fit yourself into their package, start to think about what you really want, and how you can use these current times to re tool or regroup yourself.

Start with your vision, your mission and purpose. What are you really here to do, what are your best gifts, assets, what makes your heart sing. You will have far more success, if you focus on who you are, and what you are here to do. Build up your confidence in you and your abilities, and the direction you want to take in your life.

Who knows. You might find out that starting your own small business doing marketing and sales might be far more profitable than fitting yourself into a corporate world. 

Once you have yourself, your mission and purpose, then I suggest you ask your intuition to show you the way. Little things can make an immense difference. Just knowing who to call at the most perfect time would be an asset. You might even consult with a business intuitive like myself, who can help you think outside the box to target the right market, and the right job and help you overcome obstacles in your way.

I like to use a pendulum,  to dowse for the specific job opportunities I might follow through with. With the help of this tool, I can break it down to who to call, when, and even with angle or pitch to use with them. Pretty helpful to use your sixth sense, your intuition to find the right career choices.


Joan Hangarter, DC, MS, is an Intuitive Consultant and helps businesses, professionals and individuals to have more clarity, deeper understanding and intuitive insight into their lives. For more information contact her at www.makeyourownmiracle.com or 415-883-0810

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