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In troubled times – Use the Psychic Advantage

During troubled times, people need answers, quickly! There is so much uncertainty, drama and fear out there, that knowing how to handle the changes is critical. We all need a little special something extra, since the tools we have been using, are no longer working. 
That’s where the intuitive, or psychic, comes in. We all have an extra sense, some call it extrasensory perception, others might refer to it as intuition. I like to call myself an Intuitionist, because what I do is help people understand what they need to do right now and what is the best course of action.
In addition, because I use my intuitive senses, I get glimpses of the larger picture. In other words, wouldn’t it be helpful to know what is going on, and what are your best choices, what are you here to do, how to help. I do believe that each of us has a purpose and mission, and if we can access that, we can actually make decisions, transform, and handle these troubled times, more effectively and with less stress.

I like to think of Intuitive Consulting as reading what your guides and angels want you to know about what you need to do or be in the current time, to make your choices and thrive.

For more information contact Dr Joan Hangarter, DC, or visit her website at http://www.makeyourownmiracle.com

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